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News from 1st April 2016

DrinkSense is changing. We have been working in the City for 35 years. This year sees the greatest change for us as funding for alcohol work from Peterborough City Council and Public Health sources is now to go elsewhere to deliver a combined drugs and alcohol service.

In spite of this we have remaining projects and plan to focus on dedicated alcohol work and equally we are committed to a range of Emotional Health and Wellbeing projects.

Our plan is to continue our restructuring and review funding opportunities throughout April. For now the London Road site has closed and the Eastfield Road site will be our main operating base.

Project News


This emotional wellbeing work with young people is to develop with additional staff joining the main project and the new 3Ts Plus for Parents to support parents of young people experiencing emotional and behavioural difficulties.

Impact Project

This work with families and young people (aged 11 – 17 years) affected by alcohol misuse continues across Peterborough and Fenland.

Schools Work

This is to be developed along with the existing programmes in place.

ReVive Project

This remains an important support for those over 55 years who have found alcohol has disrupted their lives.

Adult Talking Therapies

We remain committed to psychological interventions and will offer individually tailored programmes / sessions with experienced alcohol practitioners – we plan to announce full details in April.

This will be a confidential service offering assessment and counselling interventions to address the presenting issues including stress disorders and other life pressures linked to alcohol misuse.

Our aim to offer all services free at delivery remains however we anticipate this adult service will be subject to a contribution to cover costs. No Profit will be made but until funds are secured this will be the case – more details available shortly.

Other projects have been agreed and full details will be available in early April.

After 35 years in the City and as a small local charity we recognise locally funded support has changed but we remain committed to our charitable objectives and will seek funds to return to a dedicated, full and free service to all.

Christine Greer

Chief Executive Officer

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