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Drinksense was established in 1981 to reduce the harm caused to

individuals, families and communities by alcohol misuse or other


Our work with young people and many years experience has developed into

new areas of work, including emotional wellbeing and other young people needs.         

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Ways we can help

General Enquiries
Drinksense Central Office
79a Eastfield Road
Peterborough, PE1 4AS
T: 01733 555532
F: 01733 555531
DDS Young People Team
79a Eastfield Road
Peterborough, PE1 4AS

T: 01733 567998
F: 01733 555531
Drinksense Alcohol Services Centre
169 London Road
Peterborough, PE2 9DS

T: 01733 551575
F: 01733 558331
William Streader House
20a Deerfield Road
March, PE15 9AH

T: 01354 650457
F: 01733 555531